Personal Impact is the Clean Energy Alliance (CEA)’s Net Energy Metering (NEM) option, which allows customers to generate their own solar or wind power and offset their energy costs by selling excess energy produced to CEA. 

Under the Personal Impact option:

  1. The customer’s meter tracks the difference between the energy that is created and the electricity used during each monthly billing cycle over a 12-month relevant period. 
  2. If the production exceeds the usage costs for that 12-month relevant period, the customer will receive a credit at full retail cash value of $.06 per kilowatt-hour for Net Excess Generation. 

For example, if a residential customer has solar panels on their roof, they may generate more electricity than the home uses during daylight hours. If the home is net-metered, the electricity meter will calculate how much electricity is consumed at night and determine how much the customer should be compensated.

If a customer is unable to produce enough energy to cover their electricity expense, they will rely on CEA’s default option, Clean Impact Plus, to provide the remaining power needed for their home or business. Personal Impact customers are also able to opt-up or down to other CEA programs.

Customers who are already enrolled in San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)’s Net Energy Metering Program will automatically become enrolled in CEA’s Personal Impact program upon their city’s joining of CEA. Customers who are considering installing a solar, wind or other self-generated system, must first sign up for SDG&E’s NEM program and then they will be automatically enrolled into CEA’s Personal Impact program. CEA offers competitive prices and clean energy options while reinvesting revenues into projects and programs that benefit members’ communities. To learn more about Personal Impact and other CEA program options, visit the CEA website.