Personal Impact is available for customers who generate their own solar or wind power and want to offset their energy costs by selling excess energy produced to Clean Energy Alliance (CEA). 

With Personal Impact, customers will receive a credit on their energy bill for the power they provide to the grid via their renewable energy system. At the end of each month, CEA determines the amount of grid energy the customer has used and contributed. If the customer used more than they contributed, a charge will be accrued. If the customer contributed more than they used, a credit will be accrued to offset accrued charges. Charges and credits will be accumulated until the end of the customer’s 12-month relevant period, at which time the account will be trued-up.  If a net charge is due it will be billed, and remaining credits will be zeroed out. Personal Impact customers whose system has generated more electricity than the customer used, on a kilowatt-hour basis, during the 12-month relevant period are eligible to receive Net Surplus Compensation, currently set at $.06 per kilowatt-hour for Net Excess Generation. Customers with a NSC payment greater than or equal to $100 will be sent a direct payment by check.  NSC payments less than $100 will be rolled over into the next relevant period and used to offset future charges.

Find more information regarding CEA’s Personal Impact Program here.

How to Enroll

Customers who are already enrolled in San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E) net energy metering (NEM) program will automatically be enrolled in CEA’s Personal Impact.

If customers are considering installing a solar, wind or other self-generation system, their system installer can guide them on how to sign up for SDG&E’s NEM program.

Once the customer has signed up for SDG&E’s NEM program, they will automatically be enrolled in Personal Impact.