Why electrify your home?

Electrifying your home means converting gas appliances to electric. There are many benefits to electrifying your home.

  • Environmental benefits: Consuming electricity vs. gas means your power is coming from a cleaner source (minimum 50% renewable) and gHg emissions are reduced. If you have solar power at home, you can power even more of your appliances through that self generation.
  • Economic benefits: It costs less money to consume electricity instead of gas. You’ll see the most savings if you produce solar power at home. Additionally, there are many rebates and financial incentives available for electrification. See below for more information.
  • Increased comfort and safety for your family: Most electrical appliances don’t emit as much heat as gas appliances do, keeping your home cooler and the air cleaner. You will also be protecting your family from gas leaks and risk of combustion through electrification.

Below is a diagram of what you can electrify and improve to conserve electricity at home

Southern California Edison Building Electrification Fact Sheet

Source: Southern California Edison Building Electrification Fact Sheet
Building Electrification | Edison International

Rebates and tax credits

State and federal incentives are available to reduce your cost of appliance installation for building electrification measures.

An example of rebates you might be eligible for:

  • Smart thermostats: Up to $75
  • Room air conditioners: $15
  • Heat pump water heaters*: up to $700

An example of federal tax credits you might be eligible for (depending on your location, income level, whether you own or rent, etc.):

Battery Storage Installation 30%
Geothermal Heating Installation 30%
Electric Panel $600
Electric Vehicle Charger $1,000
New Electric Vehicle $7,500
Used Electric Vehicle $4,000
Heat Pump Air Conditioner/Heater $2,000
Heat Pump Water Heater* $2,000
Rooftop Solar Installation 30%
Weatherization $1,200

Links below can help you identify and apply for funding available to you:

San Diego County Air Pollution Control Resources

Electric Landscape Equipment Assistance Funding Program (E-LEAF)

Small landscaping businesses located within San Diego County are eligible for financial assistance to replace commercial combustion (gasoline) lawn & garden equipment (L&GE) with cordless, zero-emission electric L&GE. The program is funded by California’s Carl Moyer Program. Maximum eligible funding amounts are listed below:

Handhelds* $700
Leaf blowers/Vacuums $1,400
Walk-Behind or Robotic Mowers $1,500
Ride-On or Standing Ride Mowers $15,000

*Example of handhelds include: Chainsaws/Polesaws, Edgers, Trimmers


  • The Program participant must reside in California and currently own and operate the existing combustion L&GE in San Diego County for two years prior to applying for the Program
  • Small businesses or sole proprietors only

The E-LEAF program has approximately $3 million dollars available and will remain open until incentive dollars are exhausted.

SDG&E Resources

SDG&E customers are eligible for SDG&E programs including energy management tools and programs, billing tips, and assistance programs.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

How they work: Heat pump water heaters, also known as hybrid water heaters, use 70% less energy than standard electric water heater models by moving heat from one place to another rather than generating it directly. Heat pump water heaters will offer a substantial opportunity for savings when replacing a gas hot water heater.

Heat pump water heater benefits

  • Up to three times more efficient than standard electric water heater models
  • Save money
  • Safe and reliable performance
  • Environmentally friendly

Economics for Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

  • Unit + Installation will be about $3,800-$4,200
    • Water heater installation must comply with state and local building codes. Also, installation requires both plumbing and electrical work. Should work with qualified, licensed contractors with experience.
  • Energy savings: $300-400/year projected


  • Golden State Rebates
    • $500 if replacing electric
    • $700 if replacing gas
  • Switch Is On (Federal tax credit)
    • Eligible for 30% of costs, including labor up to yearly maximum limit of $2,000 for heat pump water heater installs on existing home (not new build)
  • CPUC Self Generation Incentive Program (coming soon)
    • Requires systems to be designed, installed, and operated in a manner that shifts electricity use from peak to off-peak periods and reduces GHG emissions using a “thermostatic mixing valve” that allows pre-heating of water during off-peak hours when electricity use is low.