The Clean Energy Alliance (CEA), in collaboration with Tesla, Inc. is excited to introduce the Solar Plus program, a groundbreaking initiative offering homeowners Tesla solar and Tesla Powerwall battery systems with no up-front costs or credit check.


By joining the program, customers will transform their homes into microgrids that contribute to both personal energy needs and broader
community benefits.

Savings Comparison

The Solar Plus program offers all customers energy independence and reliable power at predictable energy rates resulting in significant savings over the term of the program.

How to Enroll

  • Click the: “Enroll Now” button or you can Request a Call
  • Enter your home address & average electric bill monthly cost
  • Choose “Solar Panels + Power Wall” and click “Next” 
  • Under Solar Plus  Program check the “Participate in Program” box
  • Click the “Continue to Order” button
  • Enter your personal information to set up a Tesla account
  • After uploading your utility bill you will be contacted by a Project Advisor

For more information, please contact us at


Estimated savings rates may be found below:

The installation time (construction crew at your house) is about 1 week, but the total timeline from order to install is about 3-4 months. This includes time to receive all the relevant customer information, design and permit the system, submit for interconnection from the utility and prepare for construction. After the system is installed, it normally takes 2-6 weeks to receive permission-to-operate where the system can freely operate and export extra electricity (not consumed or stored on site) back to the utility.

With our Renters Program, with landlord and tenant approval, the landlord will give permission to install and keep the system at the home and the tenant will sign up for electric service with Clean Energy Alliance and select the Solar Plus tariff. If interested, please have your landlord email

Your system will be custom designed by Tesla designers based on your annual electricity usage and available roof space. When you submit your initial order on the website, you will approve an initial rough estimate, which will be further refined between you and Tesla.

Minimum of 25 years, but the equipment is generally designed for a 30+ year life.

You are never responsible for solar panel or battery replacement.  All future panel and battery replacements are supplied at no additional cost to you, under the Solar Plus program.

The solar panels generate electricity that gets used by the house.  At any given time, if the solar is generating more electricity than the house is using, then the excess electricity charges the battery for future consumption. Only if the batteries are fully charged and there isn’t enough load on site to consume the solar energy, then the excess energy will be sent back to the utility and credited to the customer under SCE’s then-current Net Energy Metering (NEM) program.

Each Tesla “Powerwall” battery is about 30 inches wide, about 46 inches tall, and about 6 inches in depth.  When you design your system on the website, it will recommend 1 or multiple “Powerwall” batteries for your home.  The batteries will be installed using as little space as required by your Building and Safety department.

All systems under Solar Plus are serviced by Tesla using the same service staff and platform as any other Tesla system or customer. A Tesla representative will help understand your problem and resolve any issues you have with the system.

No. The tax incentives go to the owner of the system, which is the fund. The fund uses the tax incentives as part of the financial model to provide you power at a lower price and with no upfront cost.

The battery and solar will either continue to operate or be replaced by the program throughout the term of your contract (at no cost to you). It is anticipated that the batteries will need to be replaced one time over the term of your contract (again, at no cost to you).