At Clean Evergy Alliance, advocating for the shift to renewable energy is our north star. So, it’s no surprise that we’re fans of electric vehicles (EVs). The utilization of EVs plays a crucial role in the fight to reduce carbon emissions. However, there are plenty of other reasons to opt for an EV outside of their environmental benefits. We’re here to answer all of your EV-related questions, from why you should drive one, to what potential incentives are available to you if you choose to make the switch.

All-electric vehicles are propelled by one or more electric motors that are fueled by battery packs. This power source comes with plenty of perks, such as allowing EVs to be more energy efficient than gas-powered vehicles. In most areas, this high rate of efficiency means that the cost-per-mile of charging your EV is lower than the price of gas. Mile for mile, EV drivers spend about 60% less each year on fuel costs than drivers of gas-powered vehicles.

EV engines are also quieter, smoother, provide stronger acceleration, and require less maintenance than gas-powered vehicles. Without spark plugs or oil to change, EVs typically cost about 50% less in maintenance than a gas vehicle. Plus, EVs are a much more environmentally friendly way to get around, as they do not emit any tailpipe pollutants.

If these benefits weren’t incentive enough, there are rebate programs on the county, state, and national levels that can help you make the switch to an EV. While CEA does not run the programs, we recommend that you contact the organizations below for further information.

San Diego County Programs

State and National Programs

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