The holiday season is officially in full swing! With Thanksgiving in the rear-view, and winter festivities around the corner, the Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) wants all customers to enjoy the celebrations and not worry about energy bills spiking unnecessarily. 

CEA is dedicated to providing its customers with clean energy, competitive rates, local programs and local control, year-round. In order to do this, CEA offers four different renewable energy options for customers to choose from: Clean Impact which uses 50% renewable energy, Clean Impact Plus which uses 50% renewable energy and 75% carbon-free products, Green Impact which uses 100% renewable energy and Personal Impact which is for the customers who generate their own energy by solar or wind. 

Along with offering different options of renewable energy, CEA would like to gift customers with practical energy saving tips to help you lower your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Check out these helpful tips to keep your holiday spirits up and your energy costs down:

  1. Share the oven. Holidays often call for an increase in cooking, which can suck up time and energy. Bake multiple dishes at once to conserve oven and energy usage. 
  2. Let the sunshine keep you warm. Fall and winter bring many fun holidays, but it also brings shorter days and cooler nights. Be sure to open your blinds when the sun is out to help warm your home. Then close the blinds once the sun sets so that you can keep the warmth inside and use your heater less. 
  3. Deck the halls with LED lights! Making the switch to LED lights will help lower your energy bill and save you money to spend on more exciting things like gifts and fun experiences for loved ones.
  4. Ready…Set the timer! Along with using LED lights, make sure you set your lights on a timer. During the holidays, people love to light the inside and outside of their home. While this is fun and festive, it also uses more energy. Set your lights on a timer instead of running them all night. You’ll save money and your neighbors will appreciate it!
  5. Lower your thermostat when the party starts. If you’re hosting a holiday party this year, turn the thermostat down as people arrive. The room will naturally warm up with the extra bodies and allow you to not run the heater all night. 
  6. Unplug before you head out to winter wonderland. If you’re traveling this holiday season, take a quick walk through your house to unplug all electronics, appliances and light fixtures. You won’t need them while you’re gone, so don’t let them spike up your energy bill by silently using electricity.

Visit the energy saving tips page on the CEA website for year round tips on conserving energy. Happy Holidays from the Clean Energy Alliance!