Vista and Oceanside residents and businesses can expect to receive 75% carbon-free energy through Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) next year. At their respective city council meetings this week, the cities of Vista and Oceanside unanimously approved resolutions to adopt Clean Impact Plus—Clean Energy Alliance’s 50% renewable and 75% carbon-free power supply, as the default energy plan for all customers upon CEA’s expansion in the two communities in April.

“The entire Clean Energy Alliance team is incredibly excited to welcome the Cities of Vista and Oceanside,” said Board of Directors Chair David Druker. “Their commitment to creating a more sustainable energy future is admirable, and we cannot wait to start working with these communities in working towards meeting their Climate Action Plan goals. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship which will benefit Vista and Oceanside’s residents and businesses for years to come.”

Vista and Oceanside join five neighboring cities and participants in Clean Energy Alliance who also offer Clean Impact Plus as their default plan, making CEA’s entire service area 75% carbon-free by default. CEA’s other participating cities include Carlsbad, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Escondido and San Marcos. 

In April 2024, customers will be automatically enrolled in the Clean Impact Plus energy plan. Customers always have the option to opt-up to Green Impact (100% renewable energy), opt down to Clean Impact (50% renewable energy) or opt out of CEA to remain with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). 

At the meeting on Nov. 14, Vista City Council also voted to enroll all municipal facilities in Green Impact, which means the city will purchase entirely renewable energy. 

“Vista is setting a great example for their community in opting their facilities into the greenest option,” continued Chair Druker. “We hope their decision sets a trend among the Vista community and we see residents and businesses eager to become what we like to call ‘Green Impact Champions’.”

Starting February 2024, Vista and Oceanside residents and businesses will receive a series of notices in the mail informing them about the switch to Clean Energy Alliance. Customers can expect to receive receive at least four mailed notices. 

CEA is a locally operated, not-for-profit public entity that offers communities clean energy alternatives to traditional investor-owned utilities at a competitive rate. While CEA purchases energy directly from suppliers for residents and local businesses, the existing regional utility, SDG&E, continues to deliver energy, maintain the grid, provide billing services and handle all new service requests and emergencies. CEA reinvests all extra revenue back into projects and programs that benefit member communities and help  build a more sustainable future.

CEA offers customers three main energy options: Clean Impact, Clean Impact Plus and Green Impact. Clean Impact customers receive 50% of their electricity from renewable energy. Clean Impact Plus customers also receive 50% renewable energy content, but also get 75% of their power from carbon-free sources. Finally, Green Impact customers receive 100% of their energy from renewable sources. 

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